Greenwood Cemetery, Dallas Texas 2013

It was a cold and drizzly day at the cemetery, and quite deserted.  There was so much to see, I did not even make a dent.  I have many pictures and am currently trying to get some information on some of the headstones.  I try to find those poor souls that are not so famous or maybe have led a simple life.  Their lives are to be remembered and celebrated as well.  I have done a few on the ‘more’ well known and sometimes famous.  However, many of those individuals have been done before.


“Greenwood Cemetery, located just outside the heart of downtown Dallas, Texas (at the corner of Oak Grove & McKinney Street), is the final resting place of many Dallas notables such as Col. Christopher Columbus Slaughter, “The Cattle King of Texas”; W. H.Gaston, a wealthy Dallas banker; Alexander Cockrell, “Father of Dallas”; noted Civil War Confederate Brigadier General William Lewis Cabell; and numerous Civil War veterans. Although much of the cemetery shows signs of neglect, the tombstones of Greenwood Cemetery are both beautiful and historic.”

Kimberly Powell


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  1. I love walking through older cemeteries as well! Seems like we have some things in common with our love of photography!! Will follow to see where else you end up exploring! 🙂


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