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I write and take many photos, so I am a writer and a photographer. Well.....at least I'd like to consider myself a writer and a photographer. Quite sadly, I have not exercised all this creative passion. But I am now a work in progress. Many family and friends really know very little about these passions. Some will think me a fool, some may support my newly discovered passions. So...here is my attempt at blogging, photography and editing. This may turn out to be something, or it may just turn out to be a creative outlet for me. And I am OK with that. My one hope is that I will continue to gain the skills in both writing and photography to continually improve and hone these skills along the way. I am a dreamer! I am a dreamer of History (especially European History), Art, Cemeteries, Churches, Castles, the Abandon, Broken and Forgotten. Oh, and anything Paris. --I ask that you come along and dream with me and enjoy the photos and the history that go along with them. Share anything you like, please comment (kindly) on any writing structure or mistakes. Or if you have additional information. ----I am the vision of a girl who loves the old!" Cathy Wanderlust: A great desire to travel and rove about.

Be back soon!

I’m currently back in the states and sorting through my photos and notes ….


2016 .. 

the Camino de Santiago – Paris – London – Toulouse 

“My bags are packed … and I’m ready to go …”

Hey, isn’t there a song along those lines?

In just 3 sleeps, I head out for my big adventure. An adventure that I have been pondering, planning, preparing and training for – for a very long long time. 

Wednesday early afternoon, I begin a four flight trek, and overnight stay in Spain, then a bus ride to Sarria – to begin this life altering, self discovery, planning my future, praying for my loved ones, and working on ‘myself’, on how to be less of an introvert. Be more decisive, and to become more independent. 

There are so many things rattling around in my head at this moment. 

  1. Am I physically ready for this challenge?
  2. Can I walk up to 15 miles a day?
  3. Will I be safe alone?
  4. Will this be everything I have been imagining it to be?
  5. Will I be strong enough to complete this?
  6. To prove that I CAN do this?
  7. Will this help me to be more confident and direct?

    I know who I am .. at least, at this stage, I think I know who I am. THIS is one of the big questions I will be pondering. “How do I want to live the second half of my life? ”

    There is so much more that I want in my life,  and I am not talking about ‘things or ‘stuff”. 

    My hope is that this experience will help define that for me. To help rid me of my ‘stuff’ and ‘burdens’. 

    Then again, this may turn out to be completely different than what I expect. 

    For today, I am ready to go, armed with many questions and prayers. 

    Buen Camino …

    76 days …..

    It is precisely 76 days until I travel to Madrid then on to Sarria to walk the Camino de Santiago.

    My new backpack …

    My planned route, Sarria to Santiago. Santiago to Muxia. Muxia to Finisterre -“the end of the world”.

    I have been planning (dreaming) for years, training for many, many months. It has been tough and a quite the education of the inter workings of my body. I am not an athlete, and quite frankly, not much of an exerciser. But I have to say .. there is something so calming and tranquil about wandering through the nature trails by my home.





    my training trails ..

    CS 9

    My training trails

    I plan to keep a journal and a photo journal of the things that I have learned, the wisdom I will surely learn and of the many people I hope to meet along the way.

    After my solo journey, I will take a breather to process what I have come to learn in Paris, London and Toulouse. Probably not the best places for down time – but what can I say, I left my heart in Paris 2 years ago and I am too close NOT to go back.

    So, if you have never been on this magnificent journey of pain and self discovery, you can follow along with me ..without the pain.

    I would be interested in hearing from those that have made this journey, their place of origin and if their life changed upon their re-entry back in to their daily life.

    CS 3

    Buen Camino

    Done for another day !

    Done for another day !


    France images on sale now ….


    IT IS SO EXCITING to be encouraged to sell my photos!

     All taken in Montparnasse cemetery in Paris, France just a few short weeks ago.

    In the process of uploading new photos that can be purchased to –

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    Currently working on my journal from my 3 week wandering in France with my bestie …
    ~ Cemeteries, Castles, Chateaus and just the day to day “funnies” along the way ..
    ~ #Lucyandethel wander through history

    … i left work early and ended up in a cemetery …

    St Mary’s Cemetery Minneapolis, Minnesota

    St. Mary’s Cemetery began in 1873. It is a historic cemetery with meandering hills, towering trees, majestic monuments and family mausoleums.


                          St Mary’s of South Minneapolis is a 65-acre property originally began as a parish cemetery by the Church that is now what is known as the Basilica of St. Mary. In the late 1880’s, it became an Archdiocesan-wide cemetery.   As history states, St. Mary’s has had more than 64,000 interments and there are about 175 burials that happen each year. Included are traditional burial plots and a Garden Mausoleum.

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    Wandering through the Fog…

    I spent a beautiful lightly snowy and foggy (early) morning at a gem of a cemetery over looking a beautiful lake.  I must say, I was a bit spooked at times as the gates had just opened and there wasn’t a soul (no pun intended) insight.  But I thoroughly enjoyed it and wandered for sometime, losing myself in the peace, quiet and fog.

    lakewood cover 4272x2848

    This cemetery was founded in 1871, This quite interesting story began with several New England-born men and women who came to Minnesota around the late 1800’s. These were the men and women that helped to build the city of Minneapolis. They were progressive, enlightened and envisioned this amazing plot of land as a place for the community members to be buried in beauty and tranquility.

    A Beautiful Family Monument

    The Dawn of a New Day


    Into the fog


    And silence sounds no worse than
                 cheers / After death has stopped
    the ears.

                                                      — A. E. Housman

    The Fog is looming over the Lake










    If we really think that home is elsewhere and that this like is a wandering to find a home’, why should we not look forward to the arrival

              — C.S. Lewis








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     ..more to come

    Please give me a little latitude, I have not forgotten.

    Hang in there…

    I do promise that I am working hard to edit thousands of photos and researching them. Unfortunately for me, I cannot just post one photo. I need to know the whole story or put a sequence of photos together.


    As it gets closer to being buried in the snow, I will be taking less photos and posting more.

    I was amazed to find out just how many cemeteries are within a 20 mile radius.


    Also I have been spending much of my extra time planning my trip to France and dreaming of all I photograph 💭



    ^^^ and these are just a few
    of my books 📚


    until we meet again ❤️