This is George. He was our roommate at a quirky little B & B in Taos, NM. He sleeps in the house at night. He wanders about the yard much like a dog. And he yelps at the door when he want to go into the house! He has lived with the owners for 14 years, and was abandoned by a previous owner and wandered to his new home. He will live to about 40 or 50 years old.


Psyche Revived Cupid’s Kiss



One of my very favorite sculptures, carved in marble.
Commissioned in 1787 and sculpted by Antonio Canova. The statue entered the Louve Museum in Paris in 1824.

Not to be missed, it is simply breathtaking.

You could also find the second version in Rome at the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg. And a plaster cast version in New York at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

(There are small differences with each piece). I am partial to the original!

The love story is so beautiful as well.

A red phone booth in Gibraltar- A British icon…

ImageThese traditional British red telephone kiosks can still be seen in many places throughout the UK, and in current or former British colonies around the world. The color red was chosen to make them easy to spot.

In the town of Newark, Nottinghamshire, there is a graveyard. But this is no ordinary resting place for the dead. This is a graveyard of decommissioned BT phone boxes.  These Red Kiosks were designed in 1935 for King George V’s Silver Jubilee, for a mere price of 1,950 Euros.