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Just little ole me.
To all the professional photographers…you have to start somewhere, right?

Malaga, Spain

Malaga, Spain

Cemetery  in Excelsior, Minnesota
in Excelsior, Minnesota

Grand Canyon Cemetery

Grand Canyon

Notre Dame de Paris taken from the Seine

Notre Dame de Paris
taken from the Seine

Road Trip Stop Cody, Kansas

Road Trip Stop
Cody, Kansas

Just another quick stop on the I - 70 in Missouri

Just another quick stop on the I – 70 in Missouri

Leaving Sedona Arizona.            BEAUTIFUL

Leaving Sedona Arizona.

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An Afternoon at Oak Hill Cemetery in Excelsior


The Oak Hill Cemetery was organized as a public cemetery during the 1850’s.  It sits on top of a hill facing the south side of Lake Minnetonka    Lake Minnetonka was a bustling vacation area in the late 1800’s and into the early 1900’s.

The first burial was in 1855, while the last was in the late 1960’s.There are three sections of the Oak Hill Cemetery.  The oldest part of the cemetery is section one; this is on the hill area.  This is somewhat a steep and quite dangerous hill in places.  The second section is to the east of section one.  The third section is to the west of sections one and two, on the flat section.   I have spent my time in only in the oldest section, on top of the hill.

Legend has it that some paranormal activity has gone on in this cemetery at night.  The Paranormal Research Society has done some studies in this very cemetery.  You may visit their website to view what that have found in this cemetery.    http://www.mprsminnesota.com/

This is just a sampling of the photos I took this day.  Enjoy

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Oh…the things you see on the open road!

At the beginning of April, I took a road trip.  All by myself.  I enjoyed the peace and the beauty of the wide open country.  I specifically took back roads and some less traveled roads.  I did get lost a few times, but thankfully, I have a Garmin AND and iPhone!  Those 2 tiny and very expensive things, saved my behind.

I stumbled upon so many wonderful things.  Many cemeteries, abandoned barns,  old signs, churches and buildings.  There were so many things that I could have stopped to photograph, but there is only so much daylight, and I was traveling alone.

Day one; I went from Dallas, Texas through the tip of the Ozarks and stayed the night in Jefferson City, MO.  Which, by the way, is a very cool town.  Experiencing it at 7:00 am when the town is fast asleep is truly wonderful!

Day 2; I traveled through MO onto the 63N.  I traveled though Bloomfield, Iowa (what a darling town) and headed west on the 34.

I have posted only a few different buildings and an old sign, but they just had so much….life, that I couldn’t help but get several angles.

Enjoy, Cathy


Some of these photos were taken on west 34, between Bloomfield, Iowa and Clarion, Iowa. Abandoned Barn Abandoned Barn Abandoned Barn Highway 34, west of Bloomberg Iowa Abandoned Barn Abandoned Barn

Pretty creepy, I did not want to get any closer.

Pretty creepy, I did not want to get any closer.

Georgetown, iowa

I am guessing by the looks of things, that this is a non-working barn....

I am guessing by the looks of things, that this is a non-working barn….

Abandoned Barn Frank's Gas, Georgetown, Iowa Frank's Gas Sigh-Abandoned Old Gas sign in Georgetown, Iowa Georgetoen, IowaI do believe this is abandoned, Georgetown, Iowa