Be back soon!

I’m currently back in the states and sorting through my photos and notes ….


2016 .. 

the Camino de Santiago – Paris – London – Toulouse 

“My bags are packed … and I’m ready to go …”

Hey, isn’t there a song along those lines?

In just 3 sleeps, I head out for my big adventure. An adventure that I have been pondering, planning, preparing and training for – for a very long long time. 

Wednesday early afternoon, I begin a four flight trek, and overnight stay in Spain, then a bus ride to Sarria – to begin this life altering, self discovery, planning my future, praying for my loved ones, and working on ‘myself’, on how to be less of an introvert. Be more decisive, and to become more independent. 

There are so many things rattling around in my head at this moment. 

  1. Am I physically ready for this challenge?
  2. Can I walk up to 15 miles a day?
  3. Will I be safe alone?
  4. Will this be everything I have been imagining it to be?
  5. Will I be strong enough to complete this?
  6. To prove that I CAN do this?
  7. Will this help me to be more confident and direct?

    I know who I am .. at least, at this stage, I think I know who I am. THIS is one of the big questions I will be pondering. “How do I want to live the second half of my life? ”

    There is so much more that I want in my life,  and I am not talking about ‘things or ‘stuff”. 

    My hope is that this experience will help define that for me. To help rid me of my ‘stuff’ and ‘burdens’. 

    Then again, this may turn out to be completely different than what I expect. 

    For today, I am ready to go, armed with many questions and prayers. 

    Buen Camino …

    76 days …..

    It is precisely 76 days until I travel to Madrid then on to Sarria to walk the Camino de Santiago.

    My new backpack …

    My planned route, Sarria to Santiago. Santiago to Muxia. Muxia to Finisterre -“the end of the world”.

    I have been planning (dreaming) for years, training for many, many months. It has been tough and a quite the education of the inter workings of my body. I am not an athlete, and quite frankly, not much of an exerciser. But I have to say .. there is something so calming and tranquil about wandering through the nature trails by my home.





    my training trails ..

    CS 9

    My training trails

    I plan to keep a journal and a photo journal of the things that I have learned, the wisdom I will surely learn and of the many people I hope to meet along the way.

    After my solo journey, I will take a breather to process what I have come to learn in Paris, London and Toulouse. Probably not the best places for down time – but what can I say, I left my heart in Paris 2 years ago and I am too close NOT to go back.

    So, if you have never been on this magnificent journey of pain and self discovery, you can follow along with me ..without the pain.

    I would be interested in hearing from those that have made this journey, their place of origin and if their life changed upon their re-entry back in to their daily life.

    CS 3

    Buen Camino

    Done for another day !

    Done for another day !